Playlevel delivers the game to the player, level by level.
We create games based upon a philosophy that we ourselves are the player.

Playlevel focuses on creating games for the tablets and mobile platforms that are now the largest growing market for information and entertainment.

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Playlevel news, games and developments:

At playlevel 2014 will be an exciting year. Several titles will be released, covering a wide
spectrum of game types and gameplay, our experience with game development
spanning back to 1982 will really come in handy. We are really looking forward
to making 2014 a new level of fun indeed.

Corona - Graphics 2.0 podcast
Graphics 2.0 podcast with Barry Swan and Walter Luh, the founder of Corona SDK

imageIn Corona Geek #60, a podcast newsletter from Corona SDK, Barry, head of developments, details his development work in the beta Corona SDK Graphics 2.0, as he pushes it to its limits, producing results even Walter didn´t were possible!. The podcast gives an interesting insight into this new development and more details on the demos we have made using these new tools.

Click here to go to the Podcast.

Corona - Graphics 2.0 demos and articles
Showcasing and sharing our development wotk with the new Graphics 2.o engine in Corona

imagePlayLevel’s Barry Swan has been working with Corona SDK’s Graphics 2.0 engine lately. He has created several inspiring 2.5D demos while alpha testing Graphics 2.0. These include a racing game in the style of Outrun, a free-roaming first-person perspective dungeon game (based on the classic Dungeon Master), and a 3D animated e-book. Watch out for new games based on the new Graphics 2.0 technology when it comes out of beta.

We have several screenshots, with more detailed descriptions from the development that can be viewed in the links below.

Graphics 2.0 demos:

He has also done several demos and articles, and continues to expand these valuable resources, expanding upon them as feature-sets become available:

Demo source:
Snapshots Tutorial:

TrickShot 4 Life - a trickshot game with consequences
Out now, on IOS, Amdroid and in your browser

imageTrickshot 4 Life is the first consequence game in the world. This comes as a part of the Player4life package promoted by Normally a game gives you a fun time and you are looking for special items or a high score. In our game you will do exactly the same but the difference is that you will actually save lives, plant trees and give away sports packages to children in need. This is done through collecting bonuses that are placed in some of the levels in the game.

Click here to see some screenshots from the application

CalTool - customised cross platform calendar application
Due out.November 2013 on Ios and Android

imageAn original calendar application that we have created for the Steiner schools in Norway. It will it easy communication between the school and parents.

Click here to see some screenshots from the application

PlayUs4Life - gambling with real world consequences
Consequence gaming

imageWe have started  work on a project for PlayUs4Life, an online gaming site that intends to combine online gambling and auctions with games that have "direct" real-world consequences based on events actuated in the game. The first game in this project will be "TrickShot 4 Life", that will be ready and availbale for IOS, Android, and in your browser very soon.

Sunset Racer series, Starbase Defender etc.
Due out. 2014

imageHaving a large back catalogue of games and assets is not only a reason to pat one´s own back, but it s also a large collection of resources and assets to dig into and re-use and re-mold.

We intend to release a lot of our older games in new guises during 2014. We especially look forward to getting the Sunset Racer series onto handheld devices and mobiles. These games are still being played millions of times a month by fans, and the possibility of taking what is already a success and remake it on new platforms with new challenges, will surely be a fun undertaking.

Apps not games, and Apps with games.
some out now on IOS and Android, some due out 2013

imageCreating games open up a lot of possibilities and ideas that might not fit directly into a game scenario, but that will easily fit another need where games are not the core. Therefore we have found ourselves creating a few small apps along the way as residue or sidetracks from our game developement. Interestingly enough, these sidetracks have also resulted in games ideas, so it has turned full circle. At the moment we have a Taxi app called FairTaxiFare available in the Colombian appstore. It is a small app that lets you check up on the taxi fare presented to you in Bogota, Colombia. A city with almost 10 million people, and where taxis are known to charge you a little more than is right, this app will save you its cost on you first journey. We have several other apps in the pipelane and we will soon post more information in this regard soon.

Due out in first half of 2014 on IOS and Android..

imageRagnar Rock: Fire & Ice is paving the way for more platforms games based upon our Tile engine, that is proving to be not only extremely versatile, but easy to use for new titles. First out is a secretly named wall jumping platformer that with its smooth and plentiful character animations and simple and easy to asses environment, will be fun to play as well as candy for the eyes. More info and screenshots to come soon.

Ragnar Rock: Fire & Ice
Due out in first half of 2014 on IOS and Android..

imageRagnar Rock: Fire & Ice (working title) is a fully fledged platform game developed using our newly developed Tile Engine.

With everything from moving platforms to user interactivated changing environments and lots upon lots of levels, this game will provide hours of fun that is accessible to all kinds of players. More info and screenshots tcan be seen here:

Machine Island
Due out on several platforms...

imageAdventure games have always been a cornerstone in gaming, and throughout the years their guise have changed from pure text flat 2d, isometric and top down, to full fledged 3D with action elements thrown in. Machine Island is a 3rd person 3D adventure that has a great story putting evil against good, with a hero that is caught in between and that needs to find a solution that encompasses both extremes. We cannot divulge too much about this game at the moment as it is all under wraps.

Out now for IOS, and out soon for Android

imageIn Footballer you will hone your skills as a Trickshot champion in a futuristic urban jungle. By judging the strength and angle needed, as well as applying spin to the shot, your goal is to hit the can in all the levels.

Levels of fun for footballers of all ages all over the world.

Click here to see the game in the Apple App Store

Ragnar Rock: Thor´s Revenge
Out now for IOS, and out soon for Android

imageThor´s Revenge puts you in control of Thor, the God of thunder, that is on a mission to get back his hammer stolen by his half brother Loki and his army of Dwarves. Stealing the hammer was all part of Loki´s elaborate scheme to take over the nine worlds, starting with Midgaard. But taking Thor´s hammer might not have been the smartest thing to do, as Thor wants it back, as well as he wants his revenge...

Read the Appsafari review

See the game in the Apple App Store

All ages, all games
Games are no longer for kids only, as the kids of yesterday are now the adults of today

Game on! Games have become a reality that is more part of our day to day lives than ever before. Not only has it transcended location, but also age. Your grandmother can be found playing the same game as you, and so is you 3 year old nephew! Yes, not all games are for all ages, but some are.

Playlevel seeks to cater for all players, and part of our development plan therefore involves creating games the are accessible to all ages, as well as games that are more tailored to specific group of players.

In our "portfolio" section you will be able to find more information on our games, old and new.