Leveling the Playing Field

imagePlaylevel deliver the game to the player, level by level.
Our game development heritage goes way back to 1982 when the Sinclair ZX Spectrum cropped up, and needed the dedication and passion to create games in order to get something in return from the hardware..

That is now over 30 years ago, and many Operating Systems, hardware implementation and hours of playing and learning later, the world is now at the crest of a new wave that has revolutionized the playing field. Creating not only new games and game play opportunities, but also opening up the ability to play here, there, and everywhere – all the time. The gap between devices and people has been bridged enabling players age to truly be from 2 till the end.

Established and partially owned by Inludo AS (established in 2001, with roots back to 1993), Playlevel is the culmination of years of game development experience, game playing and numerous successful titles created and produced for a variety of clients and occasions. This vast knowledge base and creative power combines into making fantastic games for users, as we see that the dream of connecting with them at such a close level is finally a reality that is here, now.

Our development focus is on the mobile and handheld platforms of today and tomorrow, bringing our efforts and dreams directly into the hands of today, and keeping them there into the future.

Cross platform development
Cross platform development has always been part of the delivery of our products. Previously that entailed making products that work on both PC and MAC Os. In today's market, our cross platform ability is centered around the iOS and Android platforms.

There are several aspects that needs to be taken into account in cross platform delivery, such as different screen sizes, processors etc. We have several titles out that caters for both platforms as well as the differences between tablets and mobiles. Our long and well invested past has made the transition to cross platform publishing on two entirely new platforms seamless from the word go

Corona SDK
Our tool of choice for IOS and Android is the Corona SDK. With its LUA scripting system and built in cross platform ability, it has proven to be an excellent choice.

We have been using Corona SDK for nearly 3 years now, working closely with the Corona development team, and have recently done a lot of testing and work using the soon to be released graphics 2.0 package for Corona SDK. We have created various 3D game prototypes using the graphics 2.0 engine, and hope to make them available to the public very soon.

Education, meditation, games, gambling and more
Having focused on game development more or less entirely since 2001, we have a broad and interesting client base. In our time we have done applications and games for many different platforms and with many different end-goals.
We have produced educational titles, where the games have had to be both valuable as a learning experience as well as fulfill the gaming experience. A feat that is harder and harder to cover as the players are becoming younger as well as more experienced and spoilt with choices.
Some of our more ambitious works have included:
PlayUs4Life – A new gambling and auction community site based around the concept of online games we were commissioned to make where your actions have real-world consequences, including donations of water and sports equipment to children in need around the world, and the planting of saplings in forests to ensure a healthy future for our planet.
Wild Divine – where our application tied in to their biometric sensors, allowing the user's heart-rate and relaxation state directly controls on-screen events as we place them in situations designed to teach them control of their body and mind in meditation.

Playlevel - more than a developer
We believe that our long track record, our broad experience base, and our quality and continued desire to learn and embrace new technologies puts us forward as a team that is accustomed to innovation in different genres, with different challenges, on time and to expectation or better. 

Blend that with the ability to create our own and original titles, characters and story-lines, and in Inludo you have a partner that can not only create great new products, but also enhance existing ones.

Services We Offer:
  • Game idea creation
  • Game development
  • Strategic advice
  • Licensing

Playlevel mainly create original titles for the end user, but we also seek opportunities where we can license and modify our games for other commercial purposes.

We have also done work on existing products, such as updating and/or converting them to new platforms. 

Please contact us with you ideas and/or needs.