Sunset Racer 1.x Evolution
Creating SR2, took a bit longer than planned, unsurprisingly, so we released an interim version of the game. That is now proving to be as popular as its sibling.

Sunset Racer 1.x Evolution is the intermediary version of an ongoing development that we are working on with Atom entertainment, namely Sunset Racer V2.0. The game is set in a city and its surrounding are and features 6 different tracks within the city. There is traffic to contend with, and we have added handbrake turns as well as upgrades to the car as one progresses through the races.

As the game is an intermediary version of a game in development, we have released SR1x in order to get feedback from users and to test new features as well as showing where we are going in SR V2.0 

To test drive the Live version of the game that resides at, please click here.

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