Sunset Racer
The first game in the Sunset Racer.

Sunset Racer is based upon the Fiesta Racing Game Challenge II game that we created for Ford. When Atom entertainment wanted to license this game, we made a few changes to it, in order to update it, as well as make it slightly different visually.Atom Entertainment runs several different online game sites, as well as the well known and accredited online short film site, Atom Films.

We mirrired the track, and added some new textures. The handling of the car was changed, in order to make it more enjoyable to "drive", and we added a new car.

The game managed to set a new record for number of plays in one day at, when it was launched, and that is not small feat.

We are currently working on a major upgrade to our racing game engine, more information is likely to soon be found in the development and/or forum section.

To test drive the Live version of the game that resides at, please click here.

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