Shell City Racer
No racing without fuel

Shell City racer is a game that we produced for BBC´s TopGear website, as part of Shell UK´s implementation of a new fuel formula called V-Power. Shell V-Power is a unique new Shell formulation, developed by Shell’s international scientists who develop Ferrari Racing fuels - to help get more power and improved responsiveness from your car.

Needless to say, a game featuring this fuel would need to convey power and speed, as well as relate to the environment that one would find this fuel. So we built a large urban/rural area that we called Shell City.

Inside the City and its surrounding rural areas we located several Shell petrol stations. These petrol stations plays a rather important role in he game. The aim of the game is to collect all the V-Power Icons that are scattered around the city. A map accessible in the game will show the player the exact location of each of the vouchers. To add a degree of difficulty to the game, the car that you drive has a fuel gage that depreciates as you drive around. In order to replenish the fuel in your car, you need to top up at the various Shell petrol stations in the game.

So while you race around the city collecting the Shell V-Power voucher Icons you will see in the roads, you must also think about that you will need these vouchers to exchange them for fuel at the Shell Petrol Stations for more fuel in order to race for long enough to be able to collect all the vouchers.

We feel that we managed to both create an exciting game, as well as portray the intended message from the client in a good manner.

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