Starbase Defender
A FPS game that was originally made as a skilltest for pro FPS players to hone their aiming skills.

We created the ClanExchange FPS Player Skill Test for Clanexchange to fulfill their vision of creating a unique way to measure and index player performance in various aspects of FPS gaming. .

Essentially the Skill Test measures the players ability to localize targets in a cluttered environment, the ability to act deliberate and with restrain on this information, the ability to weigh immediate considerations against long term considerations and the players adapt ion abilities. Much effort has been put into categorizing and weighing these different criteria and thus implementing them in the game, which is why the result (score) to a great extent will resemble the players actual FPS Skills.

The game has now been reworked, with new colour scheme and new levels. There has also been updates in how the gun works and the way the bots interact.

The new game is called Starbase Defender, and has been licensed by Atom Entertainment. It is now featured on, and has proved to be a popular game. 

The FPS style of game is something we both like developing and playing, and we plan to soon have more games in this genre.

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