Ragnar Rock: Christmas Adventure
This is the first game int he Ragnar Rock line of games that we have created and published

The Ragnar Rock story and characters have been developed in-house as an original concept. Ragnar Rock is a 10 year old boy that lives in a small village in Midgaard, the place in Norse Mythology where the humans live. The little villages name is Fjellheim. Ragnar is don't know who his parents are, as he is an orphan. He is used to travel around in his search for his parents, as finding them is his goal in life.

Currently he is living in the attic at the local Blacksmith, Mester Merskum. Ragnar has a lot of friends in the village and the surrounding area. Humans, animals, and other creatures can be counted among his friends.

Ragnar has always been a bit faster and stronger than other kids his age, and many a time others have joked about that his parents might not be humans at all. Ragnar does not really like that, since he just wants to be normal like anyone else. Often he even decides to pretend that he is loosing, so as to not win everything, just to fit in better, although he really hates to do such.

This is the first game in the Ragnar Rock universe. Ragnar has to help Mester Merskum to deliver some packages to the villagers in Fjellheim, as Merskum is busy repairing a sword that belongs to Sverre med Sverdet.

In the game the player controls Ragnar Rock, and to do well and score a lot of points, one has to deliver and pick-up packages as fast as possible. Extra points are given for collecting the coins that are found around the village. We do advice you to take some time and get aquatinted with the village, as that will make it a lot easier to know where to go when on a delivery run. Also, make sure you look at the map in the upper right corner, as it will always indicate where you should go next.

The game is featured on the NRK website. In future games from the Ragnar Rock universe, Ragnar will travel through Midgaard, and the other worlds of the Norse Cosmology, and one will meet a lot of characters that are both fascinating and interesting.

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