Ragnar Rock: Rock"n"Roll
A game we are completing at the moment, and that we aim to publish in the start of September.

Ragnar Rock: Roc"n"Roll is a 2d platformer for handheld devices. It features several levels and gameplay that is pure fun.

Platform games have been and are one of the most popular game genres. Game play is easy to get into, and there is a lot of variety and challenges that will keep the player occupied and immersed for a very long time. Our first platform game will be based on out Ragnar Rock universe.

Our Tile engine has been created with versatility from day one, enabling us to create a variety of games based upon its core coding structure. The Ragnar Rock plattformer will be the first in a line of games to utilize this engine as a backbone.

This game is now nearly ready for publishing, and we expect to be able to add it to the Apple Appstore at the end of September 2012.. Come back for more details on the release of this beaitiful and fun game.


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