Mazda MX-5
A game created to help Mazda sell a large stock of Mazda MX-5 roadsters they had due to the new version with a detractable hardtop selling like Hot Cakes.

Mazda Icons game, is a game that we produced for BBC´s TopGear website, as part of Mazda UK´s campaign for the roadster version the Mazda MX-5 sportscar. The Mazda MX-5 is a car that is fun on both the road and the circuit, and in this game the player will be able to try the car on a mountain road as well as on a circuit.

This game has a lot of new features, such as version of the tracks with traffic to reckon with, skidmarks on the road from the powerslides you induce by pulling the  handbrake to do those tight turns and more.

The core idea of the game was to have a race going down a a mountain road similar to the famous Stevlio Pass in the Italian Alps, and a second race taking place at a circuit at the bottom of the valley, we believe we acheived to make that idea into a fun and exciting game that also managed to make sure the brand represented was both visible and well maintaned.

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