Max & Maximus
Where size matters

Max and Maximus is a game for kids between 6 and 90 years old. It is meant to be played by kids alone, or together with adults. The game is made in Full 3D, and will give the player great freedom to explore the world the game is set in. The story, concept and characters are developed by Inludo.

The entire game is situated in and around the house of the 7 year old boy called Max. The goal of the game is to help the mouse Maximus find 12 pearls that he needs in order to persuade the mouse king that he is worthy marrying the Kings daughter, Musefine. But Maximus cannot manage the quest on his own, so he asks for help from the Garden Gnome. The Garden Gnome gives Maximus a special ring that makes the boy in the house, Max, shrink down to mouse size, and also understand what animals say, 

In 2005 the Norwegian FilmFund provided Inludo with NOK 1.000.000 to create a prototype for the project. We want to comlete this game as it has a fantastic storyline, as well as a lot of work put into it. And maybe one we will be able to, if the right opportunity comes along.

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