Gaia Online
Before Facebook even existed GaiaOnline had over 3 milliom users catered for by their own serverpark. We created an application for them where each user could build and spec out their own litte "home" in this vast social community.

"The best online hangout is on the world's biggest forum. Dress up your own avatar then chat, roleplay and earn gold through games with thousands of players in an interactive world."

With over three million members, is a rather large community. We are proud to say that we have been part of a new development for this community, called Gaia Homes.

Here are some screenshots from the editor and the viewer of Gaia Homes.

In the editor one can set up lights that dynamically change the scene, and place numerous furniture items, as well as wall and floor colour and fittings. It is fun to see the different creations the members of gaiaonline has created already.

Services We Offer:
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  • Strategic advice
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