3D Chat
A full fledged 3D avatar chat system with gaming and social interaction (part of Webstersites originally)

This is our first incarnation of a 3D-chat application. It was developed for Advicelincs, a charity in the UK, that has several projects directed towards children in care. The 3D-chat application is being used in Lincolshire as part of a project that focuses on making communication between children in care possible, secure and enjoyable.

In 3D-chat there are 4 locations, and a variety of characters to choose between. We have also a built in "swear-filter" as well as short cut commands in the chat window. Type /help in the chat window, and you will learn more about these.

You will not be able to play a demo outright, but if you are interested in viewing the complete functionality of our multiplayer games and 3D-chat, then please contact us, and we can send you a password and username to connect to our demo of these products. Each game features "swear" filter, administrator functions and many more features.

3D-Chat applications have lots of uses, from dating sites, to children and fun sites. It is also a great starting point to create games that involve more than a non-computer player.

Services We Offer:
  • Game idea creation
  • Game development
  • Strategic advice
  • Licensing